Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Today I have a few pictures! First off, when I have nothing else to do, I extend sweatshirts.  I take my old sweatshirts and I put an extra piece of fabric in the middle to make it longer.  I have made several of these and I have even made my own sweatshirt from scratch.  Also, I got these skis from the ski swap for free and I have skiid on them a few times.  They are very old rossignols and they absolutely slay.  Lastly, my twin brother and I both have 1974 VW bugs.  I have a standard beetle and he has and super beetle.  Right now I am cleaning up my engine and learning more about the cars.  I recently bought some dual carburetors and that will make it quite faster.  Here are the pictures.

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  1. Hey Ian, I would love to see more posts about your bug. I also have a 1974 bug I'm working on through High School (my blog: veedubclassics.blogspot.com ) I saw your post on thesamba, you should post your build pics here too.